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I need to go to the mall

We got our lights put up in the basement today. I’m happy to say that they’re not as ugly as I expected. The sconces in the den are actually really pretty. The main lights in the living room and den are okay. They have this semi-flush mounting to them, so they hang down a little bit from the ceiling, and the glass is shaped like a bowl with kind of a flowery edge. The only thing I don’t like about them is the finish on the glass. It looks kind of like scratchy dried cement. But they’re not really as bad as I made them sound, trust me. You have to come over and see them.

See? This is the kind of thing I have to talk about. Lights. I have absolutely NO LIFE WHATSOEVER. But you already knew that. I’m always complaining about it. So I’ll complain about something different.

School. I freaking hate school more than ever. This week is the week I’m supposed to pick a topic for my stupid research project. All day yesterday I tried to think of a topic. It had to be something not to arcane, but not something that I already know too much about, like abortion or evolution. If I did an entire research project on one of those subjects I would be sick of them forever, and that would be a shame because I love debating those topics. Anyway, I tried to think of something that I didn’t know too much about, but also wouldn’t be too hard. So my mom suggested global warming. This is pretty much the perfect subject for me because I HATE it when they’re always talking about global warming on the news and I don’t believe its happening. That’s not to say that I’m completely ignorant of the fact that SOME parts of the world are getting a little warmer than usual, but I don’t think you can call it global warming unless the entire globe is getting warmer. And I think that whenever you hear about global warming someone is trying to make it sound worse than it really is.

Arrrg. Now I don’t want to use this as a topic. How would I come up with 15 to 30 pages about global warming? Then again, how would I come up with 15 to 30 pages about anything else? Everything is stupid. I don’t want to do a research project in the first place. But if I have to I might as well do it on a subject that I can get a lot of information on. Remember when we saw that ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Global Warming’ book at the mall, Abby? Yep. It’s definitely an issue that is over-exposed. That might be a good main theme for my project: The Overexposure of Global Warming. Hee hee hee…

Maybe you guys could help me? Can you think of anything better to do a research project on? It’s hard for me to think of one myself… probability because it’s akin to choosing between different forms of torture.

Enough about that.

I sure hope Olivia had a good time working at the cider mill last weekend. Why the heck would you want to work there on you’re weekend off? I thought you hated working there. I wish we could have gotten together while you were home. My mom told me you were at home too, Abby. ::cries:: I miss you guys soooooooooo much!

This seems like a really long post for me. I think I’ll end it now.

Okay, Abby... I'm UPDATING!

Arrrggg… I’m so mad.

My brother knows the password to the internet on our computer. He was all like, “Hey, Bree. I know the PASSWORD to the INTERNET do you want to know what it is?” And then he told me, to which I replied that I’ve known the password for about two years now.

But the reason why I’m mad is, he might try to get on when my parents are gone and when/if they call they’ll know someone was on (they’d probably think it’s me) and then they would change the password so that I wouldn’t know it. Or, if the phone was busy when he and my parents were out (say, if I were on the phone) he might blab to my parents something like, “Oh, Bree’s probably on the internet. She knows the password, you know.” And that would be bad because I don’t even get on the internet behind my parent’s back anymore. But I would care if they changed the password because I just like knowing it. I just like thinking that I could get online if I wanted to. It would really bug me to not know what the password was after knowing it for so long.

Why does my brother have to be such a fucking dumbass? I just know he’ll say something. He actually almost did this the other day. He asked me, right in front of my mom, if I was on the internet when my dad tried to call after my brother broke his arm (he called to get the phone number to the hospital) even though he knew that I was talking to Abby on the phone. My dad knew I was talking on the phone. My mom knew I was talking on the phone. Everyone knew and yet he still had to say something just to be annoying.

Nevermind. It’s kind of pointless to think about something I can’t control. I’ll talk about something else.

I’m so happy Abby’s coming home! I’ve been missing her sooooo much lately. And hopefully I’ll get to see Olivia soon too. And Jade! I miss Jadey! (Even though she hasn’t commented on my posts since I’ve been back on LiveJournal. >_< (just kidding. I’m not mad or anything)) I guess she must not know I’m here. I’ll have to tell her when I see her. I can’t wait to see Interlochen! I hope my mom let me go…

My brother has been renting these really dumb movies lately. Like X-men, X-men 2, Annapolis, Fantastic 4, and The Hulk. All he does is lie in his bed and do nothing because his poor arm prevents his doing schoolwork. Actually, it’s just an excuse because it’s his LEFT arm that’s broken. And he’s right handed. So he could get off his lazy butt and do something but noooooooooooooooo……………

I forgot what I was talking about… oh yeah, my brother’s an idiot. And I’m a bored homeschooled loser who has no life. At least I’ll be doing volleyball WITHOUT OLIVIA! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEE!!!! Then you’ll be sorry… ::evil laugh::
I’M TRYING TO GET ATTENTION HERE! BUT DOES ANYONE SEE ME?!?!?!?! NO! I’m going to make a list of all the fun stuff that I get to do.

Here it is:

Book club



::hits self on head:: I’m not complaining… I’m not complaining… I’m not complaining… I’m not complaining… I’m not complaining… I’m not complaining… I’m not complaining… I’m not complaining… I am complaining… NO! I’m not complaining… I’m not complaining… I’m not complaining… I’m not complaining… I’m not complaining…

This has got to be my most unintelligent post ever.

Please ignore me.

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Under The Oak

You, if you were sensible,

When I tell you the stars flash signals, each one dreadful,

You would not turn and answer me

“The night is wonderful.”

-D. H. Lawrence
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